WordPress Website Support and Maintenance

Why a Maintenance Plan?
Keep your WordPress website future-proof, up to date and secure. We know not everyone is a web developer or server expert, so we do the heavy lifting as we know you have other things to do.


These days websites and the technology they run on is constantly changing, so websites need to be kept up to date and pro-actively maintained and managed.

WordPress and its related themes and plugins are very popular and are often targeted by hackers – so these need to be kept up to date to keep your site secure and close any security gaps. And, a modern website’s code, images, maps and even fonts will often rely on online resources hosted on various places over the internet, and also need to be able to run on the latest web server technology.

At Glowingtree there are tools at work to continually monitor your site so that the updates and changes your website needs are applied immediately, to meet the requirements of this continually changing landscape.


If you have an existing WordPress website that has not been touched or maintained in a long time, you may some technical expertise to get things started on the right foot – getting the site up-to-date, secure and bug free and ready to run on our platform. Updating WordPress and its related themes and plugins needs to be done with care so other interconnected parts of your site don’t break as a result.

I offer a controlled and risk-free method of running these updates that allow the site to be rolled back to a previous state if problems are encountered during these types of update. Some websites requiring more complex upgrades need them to happen on a virtual development copy of the site first, so any bugs or errors introduced don’t effect your live site.

  • Safe Updates of core, theme and plugins, “undo” capable!
  • Regular Security Scans.
  • Weekly or Daily Cloud Backups.
  • Up-time and Performance monitoring.
  • Receive regular automated status reports including
    neatly summarized Google Analytics info.
  • Hosting with best practices for WordPress security.